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I am quite surprised to see that joomla has not beed used at all. Way more websites than blogengine,drupal etc and the default is d0foll0w I have scrapebox etc but i cant actually teach it how to comment on joomla. By the way it would be great to see scrapebox to consider optional one box since many joomla websites have html enabled but no url box. Anyway. here are three footprints for joomla, the majority of who have dof0ll0w attribute. Check them out to see how you would plan to comment on them

Chronocomments by joomla professional solutions

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Powered by Jambook written by Olle Johansson from JX Development

There is a lot of things to be used in joomla regarding backlinks to be honest so i might post more. Enjoy for now.
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Easy Way To Find Backlink From .gov .edu Blogs And Forums

google parameterMany people found .gov and .edu sites have more weight than .com and other domain in search engine, so, it’s do helpful for boosting pagerank and serp result to get more .gov or .edu backlinks.

However, how to find out all the sites with the domain which you need?

To get backlink from .gov .edu and authority blog just follow simple step bellow :

Open first, fill the form which you want to find out such as below(Marked as red):

To find .gov

priorityTo find .gov forum:

To find .edu blog:

To find out .edu forum:

And press “Search”, all you need come out.
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